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Nazia Hassan

Nazia Hassan was probably the most influential as well as a very well-known female singer and also most likely the only genuine female pop musician of 80s in India and Pakistan. Born on  April 3. 1965 in Karachi, Her very first appearance on TV was in 1975 on PTV where she made an appearance as a child performer.

Her famous song “Aap Jaisa Koi” that she sang at age of 15 for an Indian movie Qurbani in 1980 has become one of the greatest hits in the Bollywood. Nazia Hassan was a first Pakistani to be successful in winning a Filmfare Award as well as remains youngest receiver of this honor from the category of the Best Female Singer up to now.

Following the good results of this great hit in 1981 Nazia Hassan turn out to be the very first female playback musician to launch an music album named “Disco Deewana”, in this album Zohaib Hassan her brother also collaborated with her on vocals.

Her following album was launched in the year 1982. The particular soundtrack from the album was included in yet another Indian movie “Star”. This movie didn’t succeed at box office but music album was very successful. It was possibly the very first time in history of Indian movies that music album was a success and movie does not do well at box office. This enhanced the attractiveness of siblings in both countries Pakistan and India.

Despite the fact that singers for example Alamgir and also Junaid Jamshaid were currently very popular, it was Nazia Hassan who actually advertised the music style in Pakistan. In July 1980 an interview with the Herald she that some individuals don’t sometimes consider it as genuine music; these people say time-honored music stands out as the only genuine music. Every time I’m participating in a traditional music recital I find myself like I’m participating in a funeral. You need to simply sit keep aliened if you don’t do this people consider that you’re being impolite and uncultured

One more music album Young Tarang in 1984 succeeded right after. This was the very first album to include songs videos in the Pakistan. Then emerged Hotline in the year 1987. Nazia’s final solo music album, Camera, arrived on the scene in the London in the year 1992.Alongside her sibling, she also made an appearance in a number of TV programs. Nazia Hassan passed away on August 13, 2000 due to lung cancer in London at the age of 35.

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