Sep 302017

Karachi is the seventh largest city of the world and it is often called ‘the heart of Pakistan.’ The city used to be a city of lights. Now, a large number of problems have devoured the peace and tranquillity of the city. It has now become a place where lawlessness in on rise. One of the serious problems being faced by residents of the city is traffic jam. Since the city is densely-populated, the vehicular traffic is heavy. Also, badly damaged roads that are filled with potholes are not a good match for the traffic that runs on them on a daily basis.

The bad condition of roads has caused a lot of problems for commuters. In addition, road side stalls and cars parked on the side of roads have also narrowed down the already narrow lanes, disturbing the smooth flow of traffic. This is the responsibility of the concerned authorities to pass the laws that strictly restrict the installation of stalls on busy roads.

S M Osama Kamil


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