Jul 012017

Just like the government has taken an initiative to ban toy guns, it needs to ban the sale and retail of acid to prevent crimes of hate. Although it is impossible to stop manufacturing acid since it is a vital ingredient in several everyday products, some precautions can be taken so as to reduce its availability to the common man. The government should either impose a prescription necessity for the purchase of acid for whatever purposes it is required or see to it by some other means that it is not bought by people to squirt on other people for revenge. Women, mostly, become victims of acid attacks when men with unsatisfied egos and anger problems are rejected by them. Acid burns through skin and completely damages, sometimes internally and not just superficially, whichever body part it is thrown at.

Acid attack survivors are left with grotesque scars which remain as reminders of their agony for all of their lives. In most cases, women are attacked with acid on the face, which is all the more emotionally painful than it is physical because the man who attacks do so to destroy her most beautiful feature. Men with fragile egos cannot be educated for it is too late for that, but some actions and precautions can still be taken to keep women safe. One of such steps is to ban acid or, at least, its fluent supply.    

Arbia Javed


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