Jun 102017

According to some media reports, the export of cement has declined by 44 percent. This is indeed an alarming situation. The domestic demand for cement is around 37.589 million tonnes. On the other hand, the export of cement dropped to 4.319 million tonnes. This has created a challenge for cement manufacturers to come up with a strategy to meet the domestic demand and to maintain its export. At present, the countries that import cement from Pakistan are Afghanistan and India. The Pakistani government should enter into similar trade agreements with further Central Asian and African countries.

In addition, the country should also analyse the deficiencies in its economic policies. According to some experts, the increase in taxes has also negatively affected the country’s trade. The All Pakistan Cement Manufacturers Association (APCMA) has also voiced its concerns over the additional taxes imposed in the recent budget. The government must revise the clauses that discourage the country’s industrial sector.

Engr Riaz Akbar

Wah Cantt

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