Aug 222017

The standard of education in KP has been deteriorating at an unprecedented rate for a long time. Ever since the PTI-led Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government has come in power, it has ‘experimented’ with the education system a lot, but it hasn’t been successful in achieving desired results. Recently, the KP government waived the condition for applicants for a teaching job to have professional trainings certificates. For employment in government schools, it was mandatory for candidates to have relevant qualifications like B Ed, but now the condition has been waived. It has been observed that most of the PTI’s initiatives in the province have failed miserably. Despite the tall claims of the provincial government that it has brought much-needed reforms in the province’s education sector, the state of education in the province hasn’t improved to date.

There is nothing concrete on the ground to support the provincial government for the revolutionary reforms in the education sector. The policy to do away with the condition of professional certificates will further deteriorate the fragile standard of education. The recent SSC and HSC results highlight the dismal  performance of government schools. The KP government must restore the old policy to prevent the situation from further worsening. The people who have relevant degrees can teach better.

Muhammad Tariq (Swat)

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