Jun 072017

This refers to the article ‘Zarmena of Waziristan’ (Jun 6) by S Iftikhar Murshed. Those who are familiar with the culture of Waziristan already know that this region has produced many talented individuals in every field of life. It is unfortunate that because of the constant neglect of the ruling governments, the region is now lagging far behind in almost every field. For instance, the article highlighted the shocking state of the education sector in the region. Only a small percent of male students are being taught and that too at religious seminaries or madressahs. The philosophy taught at these places is more or less similar to the one adopted by extremists, leading students to have a propensity for violence.

The government shouldn’t have postponed Fata reforms for an indefinite period. The need of the hour is to alleviate the sufferings of the Fata people. The sad state of education calls for informing reforms in the region’s education sector on an immediate basis. The country can fight terrorism through education. In the long run, it is only education that can fight against extremism.

Dr Najeeb A Khan

Boston, USA

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