Jun 102017

In this sweltering weather, a rain spell is a blessing for the people who are irritated by the harsh weather. Unfortunately, this blessing becomes a nuisance for people of the underprivileged area of Balochistan, Jaffarabad, because of the region’s fragile infrastructure and the recklessness of the district management.

In the agrarian area of Balochistan, after the torrential and intermittent rainfall, the lives of residents become miserable and paralysed. The situation in this area is quite sad. At some places, naked electric wires on roads pose a serious threat to residents. The incessant rainfall also converts the area into a pool, leading to the spread of deadly diseases. The stagnant water in puddles causes several water borne diseases. The excessive rain is also the main reason for crop destruction, leading to the loss of millions of rupees. These are a few problems caused by the heavy rainfall in the area. The incumbent government has a turned blind eye to this backward district. The federal and provincial governments must come up with a strategy to alleviate the miseries of the people.

Wahid Dinari


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