Jan 092018

The Wafaqi Mohtasib Secretariat (WMS) has appointed a commissioner for the transgender community. This is a positive step and it is hoped that the authorities will work tirelessly to redress the grievances of the community. The plight of the community is an open secret. People who are transgender are disowned by their own families. Their lives are full of hardship. They receive hatred and a lack of support from society. They are deprived of their basic rights. There is no one to listen to their complaints. They keep suffering in silence. For a long time, these people couldn’t get their national identity cards made. There are so many people who are highly qualified but they are not given a decent job just because they are transgender. We need to fight and change this mentality. These people are humans. They deserve respect.

We need to do a lot for the welfare of the transgender community. First, we should encourage these people to complete their education. If an education institution shows reluctance to give admission to these people, the authorities must take strict action against the institute. Our society should be an egalitarian society where people can enjoy their basic rights and live a life free from discrimination. In our country, the source of income of these people is limited to begging. There are not enough job opportunities for them. If they have an access to quality education, they can have more job opportunities. All of us should work for the welfare of the community. We should listen to their grievances and join hands to alleviate their suffering.

Riaz Ahmed Rustamani


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