Jun 302017

Heavy monsoon rain in Karachi created various problems for residents, leading to the death of at least 10 people. Many people, living in poorer neighbourhoods, had to evacuate their houses because of the damage caused by intense rain. The city’s infrastructure is also displaying the dismal picture of destruction and disaster. Several roads, including the one recently constructed, are badly damaged. The concerned authorities, however, is nowhere to be seen. Throughout the day, residents faced a large number of problems. Roads were flooded with water, causing severe traffic jam across the city. While it rained, people waited for hours for the traffic to get cleared. The Sindh government, like always, was not prepared for this challenge.

Another problem faced by the residents was the long hours of loadshedding. With the first drop of rain, several areas of the city were hit by power breakdown. KE blamed heavy rain for the unwanted breakdown. The city of lights was without power for straight seven to nine hours, revealing the poor performance of the provincial government. In addition to the above-mentioned never ending problems, the city has to deal with another frustrating problem: improper drainage system. It is unfortunate that there is no proper drainage system in the country’s largest and the most populated city. Water standing on roads slowed down the traffic. The open dump yards and garbage on roads blocked the gutters. The city is in a total mess. Sadly, the provincial government has failed to manage the city properly.

Naveed Ahmed


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