Oct 252018

Five Punjab University (PU) students allegedly associated with the Islami Jamiat Taleba (IJT) were suspended on Thursday for beating up a man who was sitting with his wife on campus.

The PU administration also suspended a security guard ─ who was present at the time ─ for his inaction.

Videos of the incident circulating on social media show a large crowd of onlookers gathered outside the PU History Department around the man who is being beaten up by some students, while a woman yells at them to stop.

“What has he done? He is my husband,” she can be heard saying in an attempt to dissuade the perpetrators from beating the man up.

The man, identified as a Awais Rind, had gone to the History Department to pick up his wife when he was beaten by the IJT students, PU Spokesperson Khurram Shahzad said.

PU Vice Chancellor Prof Niaz Ahmed took notice of the incident and ordered PU Registrar Khalid Khan to take strict action against the students involved, Shahzad said.

“No one has permission to take the law into their own hands,” the spokesperson said. He added that the incident was “unbearable” and assured that the administration will “maintain a peaceful atmosphere in the campus”.

He said that five IJT students involved in Rind’s thrashing have been suspended, along with a security guard who stood and watched instead of preventing them from beating the man.

A meeting of university administration officials took place today, after which it is expected that a formal notification will be issued announcing the suspension of the five students and the security guard.

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