May 192017
Shalem Kamran
Shalem Kamran

A 24-year-old boy, Shalem Kamran, was found dead in mysterious circumstances on Sunday in the Mehmoodabad locality of Karachi.

According to police, Shalem died of an alcohol overdose — a claim his family vehemently denies.

His death comes as a shock to his family, who deny the police's version of events. Shalem, they said, had gone out on Saturday night to party with six of his friends.

Mahmoodabad Station House Officer (SHO) Anwar Ali Sheikh speculated that Shalem died of an alcohol overdose. The police have arrested Ahmed Paracha, one of Shalem's six friends who was out with him on the ill-fated night.

According to police, Paracha disclosed that Shalem was his co-worker and on Saturday they made a plan to go out and party. Ahmad claims Shalem died as a result of an alcohol overdose, the police maintains.

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Qarar Ahmed Abbasi, a doctor at Karachi's Civil Hospital told, he did not find any bruises on Shalem's body, however, a detailed medical report that will ascertain the cause of Shalem's untimely death is still being awaited.

Shalem's family is adamant that it was neither a suicide nor a case of alcohol overdose — they feel that Shalem was killed by one of his friends.

Shalem's sister spoke out through her Facebook status saying, "My brother was poisoned we are still waiting on the chemical report. Every person in medical field told us beforehand that he [Shalem] wasn't drunk he was poisoned."

She insinuated that Shalem's friends had poisoned him, and are now blaming alcohol and suicide as the cause of his death.

Shalem's funeral was held at St. Anthony's Cathedral on May 19 as police continue the investigation into his death.

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