Apr 112013

shhhhh chup warna Arslaaaaaan Aaaa jai ga LOL


there is no information of date extention plz inform us if there is any good news for date extention. plz information us through your regular website or email


These alll parties can not win from Imran khan inshallah, because youth, and poor people and Allah is also with him.


very good scheme for us. And anxiously. waiting for date extend. Abida


pti the only hope for pakistan


Why does the Rental Power Ship that produced not a watt of electricity and left with billions come to mind (See: SC seeks report from NAB on underhand rental power plant deal)? Why does the “turkish” Lahore mass-transit that has put a knife into the heart and soul of Lahore come to mind (See: Please Don’t Solve Our Transport Problem In This Way? Why does the r@pe of Libya and ongoing one of Syria through Turkish-trained and supplied terrorists come to mind (See: CIA helping arms shipments to Syria rebels through Turkey? With friends like these, one needs no enemies….I am also reminded of the old movie “Midnight Express” and it’s line near the end where the hero wonders about turks don’t eat p!gs…


Pakistan wasn’t around a 100 years ago…It was the muslims of Inoo-Pak Khilafat movement that helped Turkey…..


Good luck with these low-lives, CJ…..


I say shoot this b@stard AGP Qadir and any judge that let’s him get away with his bullsh!t!!! BTW: Do note that according to our AGP, we civis are the “Palestinians” to our “Israeli” army / “Kashmiris” to our “Indian” army / “Tamils” to “Sri Lankan death squads” (It should not be lost on you by our very own army that the Sri Lankans were trained to commit genocide of Tamils who had honed their skills in East Pakistan and balochistan) 😉

Citing laws prevalent in Israel, the AGP said there was no limit to keep anyone under detention. “TADA law is in place in India. PTA stands enforced in Sri Lanka since 1979


Will DGIP start printing of the pending passports from now on – As per the news they have a stock of 200000 laminates already. And were supposed to use them in emergency cases. The corrupt officers should be brought to justice ASAP.

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